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EarthStone Showroom


A touch of Earth in every space


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A natural stone that is quarried from mountains around the world. Admired for its beauty and elegance, Marble is suitable for most urban homes and has maintained its popularity over the years. This provision of mother nature is unique in style for each and every piece, making sure to make any space stand out with its own personality.


Earth Stone Decor Tiles

Designer tiles material such as ceramic, stone, metal, baked clay, or even glass, generally used by many designers and architects to create amplify their design character for the space. It comes in different sizes, shapes, hues, and interesting texture to make art with.


Earth Stone Wood Look Tiles

One of the significant trend for both indoor and outdoor decor, Wood Look Tiles embellishes your home with a touch of nature. As a combination of timber and porcelain, it offers beauty as well as durability, which makes the Wood Look Tiles an excellent alternative to wooden floors.



Earth Stone Cement Bodies Tiles

Cement-bodied tile is a good choice for any area that has a lot of wear and tear such as a kitchen or bath. This tile is tough and durable. It will give years of service when properly installed and maintained.


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Imbue your home with a sense of lavish luxury with our wide range of Mosaic. Customization of Mosaic can be arranged according to your specifications, beautifying your home with a unique decor that no one else has.


Earth Stone Granite

An igneous rock, formed from nature’s occurrence. This dense and strong material is durable which makes it a reliable material for use in any room. With vast variety of colors and styles, the Granite’s elegant and sophisticated appearance promises to give your home a distinctive look

Engineered Stone

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Outstanding durablity and user friendly stone tiles that played an important role providing option to home interior or exterior purpose.

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